Drink Flower Tea For Your Health and Enjoyment

While there are many types of tea in the world, flower teas are some of the most enjoyable. The calendula flower is of the marigold variety and contains a variety of health benefits. Not only is this tea good for the health, it also offers a beautiful tea experience because the flower actually blooms as the tea is steeped. With delicious flavors and many flower tea health benefits, this is the perfect tea to enjoy anytime.

The benefits of consuming calendula tea include:

  • Calendula flowers contain natural healing properties that allow the body to fight against infections. These flowers also help to prevent inflammation in the body which can lead to tumor formation.
  • Drinking calendula tea allows a person to protect their oral health. The antibacterial properties of the flowers infuse the mouth with protection, helping to prevent bacteria that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease.
  • This beautiful tea helps to improve the appearance of the skin, helping to fight acne breakouts and increase blood flow to the skin cells to improve the overall health of the skin. The antioxidants in this special tea fight free radicals so they do not destroy healthy skin cells.
  • This flower tea contains beta-carotene which has been proven beneficial in protecting the health of the eyes. Drinking this tea on a regular basis can help to prevent cataracts and macular degeneration.
  • While further research is needed, calendula oil contains special anti-cancer properties that have been found to help destroy tumor formations.
  • This tea can help with stomach cramping that is experienced during menstruation and can also help with spasms in the muscles, due to neurologic conditions.

Aside from all of these benefits, this tea is simply fun to make. The best way to enjoy this special tea is to brew it in a clear glass teapot or cup so one can see the flower open and bloom. This adds a special touch to tea time and makes it a truly enjoyable experience for tea lovers. This tea comes in a variety of organic flavors so any taste can be satisfied. If you want to protect your health, drink to it with this special tea.